Static consolidation of a renaissance palace by resins, pins and connecting rods


The paper reports the results of a research on the static consolidation of an important XV century tower by Bramante belonging to an important monumental complex located in the Po Valley which was showing worrying structural conditions . The tower, 19 m high, very thin, lacking connections in the highest part, showed overturnings of the four façades not in plumb by over 150mm; Due to the presence of architectural terracotta elements, it was not possible to intervene on the external facades. This is why the authors decided to create a sort of hoop from inside using a U (120 mm) steel profile fastened to the walls by means of steel pins anchored with epoxy resins. The pins (􀀀12 mm, 350 mm length) have been positioned at a distance of 50 cm inclined by 30° alternatively downwards and upwards in order to get at minimum of 2+2 courses of bricks. Then, by a series of steel tie rods it was possible to tie the opposite walls. Finally, triangular frames have been positioned on the 4 corners in order to avoid teething collapse in case of great stress. Before starting with the strengthening work, as described above, experimental tests, supported by the Bossong company, were conducted to verify tensile stress resistance of each pin. The tests studied different solutions in terms of diameter and anchoring material. The tensile tests , carried out by using a specific hydraulic puller equipped with a dynamometer and a displacement transducer, showed very high allowable loads , between 20 and 60 kN/pin depending on the pin and fastening type. According to data obtained, the most suitable solution was chosen; it was also used in other parts of the castle. The behavior of the reinforced structure , which withstood the February 2012 earthquake without any problem demonstrated the validity of the proposed technique which is an interesting, non invasive solution for historical buildings.



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historical building restoration, anchoring means, static consolidation.
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Cavalchini, A. G., Cavalchini, M. G., & Poverello, E. (2013). Static consolidation of a renaissance palace by resins, pins and connecting rods. Journal of Agricultural Engineering, 44(s2).