Variation of physical properties of LDPE greenhouse films due to agrochemicals used during cultivation


During protected cultivation, the use of agrochemicals influence the degradation of the greenhouse plastic films. A research was carried out to evaluate how agrochemicals contamination and solar radiation influence the physical properties of low density polyethylene (LDPE) films. The LDPE films were manufactured on purpose adding different anti-UV stabilizer systems and were exposed to natural outdoor weathering at the experimental farm of the University of Bari (Italy; 41° 05’ N). Each film was tested as covering of two low tunnels: one was sprayed from inside with commercial agrochemicals containing iron, chlorine and sulphur while the other one was not sprayed and used as control. Radiometric tests were carried out on the new films and on film samples taken at the end of the trial. Analyses on absorption of the selected contaminants were carried out in laboratory on the samples taken at the end of the exposure in the field in order to compare the relative effectiveness of the stabilizing systems under evaluation. The experimental tests showed that the natural weathering together with the agrochemicals did not modify significantly the radiometric properties of the films in the solar and PAR wavelength range. Significant variations were recorded for the stabilised films in the LWIR wavelength range.


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chlorine, HALS, iron, radiometric properties, solar radiation, sulphur.
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Schettini, E., & Vox, G. (2013). Variation of physical properties of LDPE greenhouse films due to agrochemicals used during cultivation. Journal of Agricultural Engineering, 44(2s).