The use of co-digested solid fraction as feedstock for biogas plants


A comparative study was set up in order to assess the technical feasibility of the long-term reuse of the mechanically separated co-digested solid fraction as a feedstock for anaerobic digestion plants (ADP). The biogas yields of two feedstock mixtures (A and B) were assessed in mesophilic conditions (40 °C ± 2 °C) using 8 lab-scale continuous stirred-tank reactors (CSRT). Feedstock mixture A (control) consisted of pig slurry (70%), farmyard manure (4%), sorghum silage (12%) and maize silage (14%). Feedstock mixture B was the same as the control plus the solid fraction derived from the mechanical separation of the output raw co-digestate collected on daily basis from the reactors. All reactors were fed simultaneously, three times a week, over a period of nine month. According to the study results, the reuse of the co-digested solid fraction as feedstock for ADP could increase the methane yield by approximately 4%. However, ADP efficiency evaluation (e.g., daily yield of methane per m3 of digester) suggest to limit this practice to a maximum time period of 120 days.



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anaerobic digestion, biogas, mechanical separation, solid fraction
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Dinuccio, E., Gioelli, F., Cuk, D., Rollè, L., & Balsari, P. (2013). The use of co-digested solid fraction as feedstock for biogas plants. Journal of Agricultural Engineering, 44(s2).