Field performance of an agricultural tractor fitted with rubber tracks on a low trafficable soil

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Giovanni Molari
Michele Mattetti *
Matthew Walker
(*) Corresponding Author:
Michele Mattetti |


The introduction of rubber tracks on tractors has allowed more engine power per unit weight than with steel-tracked tractors, together with a reduction in soil compaction and higher on-road speeds. Recently, triangular rubber tracks able to be adapted on conventional wheeled tractors have been introduced. In this context, the goal of the paper is to evaluate the performance of a tractor with four triangular rubber tracks with respect to those of a wheeled tractor; the comparative tests consist of ploughing under on low trafficable and workable soil. The results obtained have shown a higher tractive efficiency, lower soil compaction and up to 20% lower specific fuel consumption for the fully tracked tractor. These results are in accordance with previous tests conducted with the triangular rubber tracks on highly trafficable soil, although in the present case, the dynamic traction ratio is markedly lower due to the low trafficable soil. The use of triangular rubber tracks is therefore justified on low trafficable soils and more in general on different soil conditions, since the soil is less compacted by such traction device.

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